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A skylight window, also known as a roof window, opens usually with a pivoting awning-style mechanism. It may also incorporate window screening of some sort.
The size of skylight needed, is dictated by the floor-space of the interior to be lit, the LUX level required, and the local climate conditions of the building's location.
solar tube, commonly referred to as a sun tunnel, is a form of skylight, used for channeling sunlight to a building's interior.
Green Buildings are important, as they pave the way for a more responsible use of our natural resources, reduce energy expenditure, and progress our building sciences.
The benefits of Green Building are multiple, they include running-costs saving over the long term, provide healther more productive spaces for the human occupants and future-proof the building against changing building codes. In addition, the buildings attract higher rentals and companies or individuals, who seek to associate with the trend.
A Green Building Design, successfully considers the building's efficiency, and impact on the environment during the design process.
Any new built or existing structure, which has been rated and accredited, to have achieved a minimum-standard of efficiency, will be certified as a Green Building.
Green Building Certification is achieved, once the building has been rated, and considered to have attained sufficient status with the Green Rating organization.
There a number of Green Building Rating Systems, the more prominent being LEED and Green Star, each are recognised internationally. A system is applied to the building, which is then rated, in terms of adherence to Green Building standards.
Green Building Technology, also known as Green Construction, is the implementation of design in structures, buildings and commercial spaces that are environmentally accountable and resource-efficient throughout the building's life cycle.