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Green Building Materials used in construction are those, which have been sustainably resourced, have a limited carbon footprint and are considered recyclable.
Green Construction are methods employed that use both processes and materials, which are responsible in their approach, to avoiding unecessary harm to the environment.
A Green Building Concept, is one where careful attention is paid to the use of sustainable resources, efficient design and best practice methodologies, to minimise the effect of the building on the environment.
Green Building, is the combined discipline of several fields, all concerned with the impact that a building has, on the natural environment. The building is designed and managed in such a way, as to limit its detrimental affect, on the surrounding environment.
For architectural and building purposes, polycarbonate is the better choice, as it is an inherently safer option. Polycarbonate is much stronger, less prone to cracking, and meets stringent fire codes, as the material will not spread flame or release toxic gases.
Polycarbonate Glazing, is the use of PC panels as the material of choice, in façade or roofing solutions, to provide light tranmission. Traditionally, glass has been relied on, to fulfill this function in windows, facades and skylights.
The raw material when processed, can be extruded into long panels for use, with each panel having a smooth glass-like texture.
Polycarbonate Roofing will block UV radiation from the sun. Infact, nearly 100% of all UV, is blocked by polycarbonate panels. It is for this reason that it is essential, panels are treated with special UV inhibitors, to protect the panel from solar degradation.
Polycarbonate Roofing, when treated correctly, with the use of high-quality UV inhibitors, has a practical lifespan of approximately 25 years.
Because of these properties, polycarbonate is used for many applications. Including within the engineering, electronics, automotive, construction, architectural and specialist niche industries.