Glass facade lighting

Facade Materials

The sight of the Saint Thomas Church in Vaulx-en-Velin, France definitively demonstrates how effective glass façade lighting can be in transforming a building from being just a physical structure to taking on the inspiring intention of its purpose, merely by being there. That image is mirrored in the corporate identity of Danpal, whose motto, Global Vision, Local Focus, reflects a stirring commitment to the world that exists outside the buildings that our products bring to life. 

Glass Façade Lighting And Sunlight

Sunlight has been doing the world a favor ever since. . . well, forever. Where would we be without sunlight?  Simply put, we wouldn’t be at all. Sunlight is vital for our survival, for our food, for our wellbeing. Danpal gives sunlight its due and takes it one step further, inviting sunlight to come inside and make itself at home.  The presence of sunlight as part of glass façade lighting can positively affect the use of energy in a building, thus having an influence on the energy usage. In order for sunlight to be efficiently used, façade materials are designed to capitalize on  the thermal advantages that come with the presence of natural light. 

Glass Façade Lighting Indoors

Natural light is much easier to see with than artificial light and while no one is suggesting that we should get rid of all our lamps and overhead lights, we recognize that daylight inside adds so much to our living and working spaces. The obvious advantages of having more natural light as a part of our indoor lives is demonstrated by how much better we feel when we’re in the presence of natural light. You won’t find an uplifted mood by sitting next to your desk lamp, but let the light from outside be admitted into your work area and you find that your energy levels increase and your productivity rises.