Glass wall facade systems

One of the reasons that we’re always so eager for spring to arrive is that it feels as if someone suddenly turned on the lights!  After a long dark winter full of shadows, gloomy mornings and early nightfall, we’re thrilled when daylight begins to last longer. We love it when the evening comes and it’s still light out, and when we awake at our usual time but we’re greeted by daylight rather than darkness.  Danpal glass façade wall systems are a way that you can get a headstart on having more daylight inside. That’s because, even though winter casts a long shadow, you can still benefit from bringing in the natural light from outside.  Winter is still a long season, but at least, with our glass façade wall systems, you aren’t entirely dependent on artificial light inside your office or living space.

Glass Wall Façade Systems Keep Weather Out While Letting Daylight In

If we’re honest, we have to admit that, as much as we love being outside, it’s not always the perfect setting.  Weather can be unpredictable and a sudden rain shower can ruin our outdoor plans.  A day that’s too hot makes us lethargic and reluctant to exert ourselves. We all know that snow and hail and downpours send us scurrying inside. So no, nature isn’t perfect. But natural light, well, that’s another matter entirely. Or is it?  We love natural light, but we don’t like the glare. Danpal has found the solution to that because our glass wall façade systems bring in the best of the outdoors, which is the natural light, but the system is designed so that we can limit the glare. The diffusion of light creates the ideal indoor environment.