Outdoor cladding panels

Outdoor cladding, which forms a layer of materials designed to protect a building from the effects of weather, is a key component of contemporary architecture.  If a building’s exterior lacks the protection that it must have in order to withstand the rain, snow, wind and hail that come with the forecast, the occupants of the building will eventually feel the effects inside. When choosing outdoor cladding, you will need to consider local building ordinances, the appearance of buildings in your area, and your budget, as cost can vary widely depending upon the details of the architectural plans. 

Rainscreen Cladding

What Outdoor Cladding Panels Do For A Building

By creating thermal gaps to minimize the conduction of heat, outdoor cladding panels help to regulate the inside temperature of a building.  Maintaining a strong external shield that can rebuff the harsh effects of weather is important for keeping occupants inside comfortable in an environment where the temperature remains constant throughout the year: cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

How Outdoor Cladding Panels Make the Difference
The Sachon Ast factory in South Korea is a building which was constructed so that it would be able to withstand the distinct seasons of the country, with summers that are hot and humid and winters that are long, dry and cold.  Approximately two-thirds of the rainfall comes between June and September. In order to meet the challenge of the weather, a building such as the Sachon Ast factory has to have outdoor cladding panels that will not fail. 

Weather and Outdoor Cladding Panels

We’re all well aware that weather is  a force to be reckoned with. The morning weather forecast affects what we will wear, our work and leisure plans, as well as our mood.  A dreary rainy day can make us feel melancholy and lethargic, while a sunny day spurs us into energy. A building does not respond to the abstract implications of weather the way that we do, but nonetheless, it is affected by the forecast.  Outdoor cladding panels are a significant way to keep that forecast from causing trouble for your building.