Horizontal Louvres Are Your Sunshine Delivery

Horizontal Louvres

How would you like your sunshine today? It’s not a question about your state of mind. For those people who have made the wise decision to install horizontal louvres, the answer is simple: sunshine is exactly where I want it to be. Danpal’s daylighting architecture has developed a product that can 1) include natural light as one of the features in a building design and 2) let you be the one who controls it. Inside daylight is a contemporary phenomenon that takes the popularity of outdoor sunlight and turns it into an architectural component that customizes your indoor comfort. In keeping with the architectural design’s originality, horizontal louvres even come in different colors so they not only enhance your comfort, but they enhance the appearance of your home or workplace as well.

Maximizing Horizontal Louvres Ventilation to Improve Energy Efficiency

Some people have the wrong idea about energy efficiency. They think that in order to be conscientious consumers of energy, we need to sacrifice comfort. But Danpal products have proven that isn’t the case, and with horizontal louvres, you’re actually increasing your own comfort while supporting the environment. At different times during the year, buildings rely upon heating and cooling systems to maintain an even, comfortable temperature. We want to stay warm when the chilly winds are howling, and we want to stay cool when weather pundits claim that it’s hot enough outside to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Is that asking too much?

No, it’s not. Horizontal louvres can help take care of those in-between weather patterns, those times when we need neither heating nor cooling. What we need is fresh air and daylight. Simply adjust the louvres to let in as much air as you need for comfort, and decide whether there’s too much glare from the sun. You don’t need HVAC to play a part on days like that; energy is conserved and you’re comfortable. Nature might be in charge of the weather, but with horizontal louvres, you have a voice in the decision-making process.

Horizontal Louvres And Fresh Air

Chances are that if you have feel air blowing inside and you don’t have a fan going, you’ve probably got a draft somewhere. But if you have horizontal louvres, when you feel a breeze inside, you can call it ventilation because this outside air has an invitation to come inside. Just the right amount of outside fresh air can improve our inside state of mind and by angling the louvres, the air comes in the way we like it. If we’re working, that fresh air can help us to feel fresh as well, instead of stale. If we’re at home, we welcome the breeze like it’s a guest.

How Would You Like Your Sunshine Today?

Sunshine has a daily schedule. Depending upon the time of day, sunshine positions itself at different places. For those times of day when sunshine is accompanied by its unwelcome escort, glare, you can count on horizontal louvres to open at the optimum angle. Sunlight in, glare out.

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