Polycarbonate Sheets for Superior Performance

People aren’t always aware of how much the construction industry has changed in the last 50 years but at Danpal, we’ve had the opportunity to be part of an exciting and innovative trend that has transformed the buildings in which we work and live. No innovation has been more dynamic than the arrival of polycarbonate, a material that offers superior strength and resistance to weather, yet is flexible and easy to work with. In order for a building to perform an optimum level, it needs to be weather resistant, well-insulated, and esthetically pleasing. If you haven’t considered polycarbonate sheets for your next building project, we’re happy to make the introduction!

Meet Polycarbonate Sheets, multiwall polycarbonate, and solid polycarbonate

Polycarbonate sheets are available in two different forms. There’s multiwall polycarbonate, a structured sheet with hollow air chambers; and solid polycarbonate, a clear, flat sheeting that looks like glass.  There’s no difference in the quality of either version. Each has its own distinct advantage, so the final decision on which one to choose depends on your project and its esthetics. We should alert you, however, that if you’re a fan of glass, you need to know that polycarbonate has advantages that traditional glass can’t duplicate. But more on that later!

What Can Polycarbonate Sheets Do That Other Building Materials Can’t Do?

It’s not just what polycarbonate can do, it’s how well it can do it. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, yet that phenomenal strength doesn’t get in the way of flexibility which makes it so easy to work with and customize for personal tastes.
Polycarbonate, which is 200 times stronger than glass, is a material that has been hardened to withstand high levels of resistance. Glass doesn’t have the same nimble ability to adapt to conditions and protect a structure in the same way that polycarbonate sheets can. Both glass and plastic paneling are susceptible to scratching. It’s true that if a piece of glass is scratched, the scratch isn’t readily visible to the human eye. But polycarbonate strength makes it much harder to crack or break.

If you’re wondering what difference flexibility makes, consider this: Polycarbonate sheets are used in security screens, moving machinery parts, farming machinery, and windshields, all items that need to be sturdy, but also need to be flexible.

The Polycarbonate Sheet Advantage Shows in the Danpal Ventilated Rainscreen System

We’re not going to say that weather has met its match in polycarbonate sheets, because Mother Nature likes to run the show. But what we can say is that the polycarbonate sheets in our ventilated rainscreen system do a spectacular job of insulating the interior of a building from the damage that harmful weather can cause. A weather –resistant exterior combined with an air gap that allows for natural ventilation keeps insulation dry and effective. When you’re paying your heating bills, you’ll be glad to know that Danpal is looking out for you. Did you know that 40% of primary energy consumption is from buildings? Now you understand why Danpal pays so much attention to protecting a building’s insulation. You can trust your next project to polycarbonate sheets.