Vaulted skylight

As Danpal says of its Danpavault System, “The sky is no limit.”  The Danpavault Barrel Vaulted Skylight System brings together the flexibility and customization that is a Danpal trademark with the Danpalon®  technology that makes it all work.  Danpal clients view the company with regard because Danpal commitment to excellence delivers a quality of product that makes an architect’s job easier.  

Danpalon®  Technology For Vaulted Skylights
Danpalon® ‘s Microcell technology offers the highest resistance available to the damage caused by impact and hail.  The high concentration of cells in Microcell technology delivers the rigidity and improved mechanical properties for improved durability. The strength of the system is enhanced by the tightness between the vertical supports.  This level of stamina is what can prevent weather from harming the building. 

Benefits of the Danpavault Barrel Vaulted Skylight System
Flexibility is known as one of the characteristics of Danpal products.  So is daylighting architecture. With the vaulted skylights, a building can install a skylight of unlimited length that easily integrates with other roofing types such as concrete and profiled metal.  The design transmits natural light, evenly diffused, that also offers thermal insulation and extended UV protection.  The system can be installed over a metal structure that covers a large range of spans and radii, or as a self-supporting skylight. With the addition of aluminum framing options—connectors, bars, spacers—it can be installed over large or small spans. 

Vaulted Skylight Attractions
There are many obvious reasons, both in terms of performance and in appearance, why a vaulted skylight is an attractive option for building design. Compared to flat light openings, the Danpavault system allows an increased amount of light per area of roof light opening.  The skylight, which is self-supporting, is easy to install and is compatible with differing types of roofs. Moisture is always a concern and here, too, the vaulted skylight delivers, with 100% watertight protection from penetration.