Large Polycarbonate Sheets

polycarbonate panels

Modern research and development have yielded technology that has transformed building materials. As a leader in the building industry and, moreover, a company that has steadfastly invested in its engineering and design departments, Danpal has been in the vanguard of this research. There was a time in the past where building materials were traditionally heavy and unwieldy. But now, architects are able to unleash their creative ideas with materials that are flexible and customizable, such as large polycarbonate sheets. The result is a building which is strong, attractive, and a focal point of the community in which it is located. 

polycarbonate panels

The Flexibility of Large Polycarbonate Sheets

First, consider the strength of polycarbonate. It looks like glass but is 200 times stronger and half as heavy.  The advantages of working with a material like this are apparent.  Glass has many esthetic qualities which are prized by architects, but because of its weaknesses, breakability and rigidity, it does not readily lend itself to the kind of creativity that architects prize. Compare that to polycarbonate.  The larger the size of the polycarbonate sheet, the greater the radius of the bend.  Large carbonate sheets are particularly effective if your building has an arching roof. It’s virtually unbreakable, unlike glass, and yet it can bend, also unlike glass.  You’ve seen polycarbonate many times; it’s not only used in construction, but also to make security screens, farm machinery, moving machinery parts and windshields.  


Beauty and Flexibility Work Together with Large Polycarbonate Sheets

As displayed in the Banana Leaf  structure in Sri Lanka, even the humble roofing system can be esthetically pleasing with large polycarbonate sheets that allow for the expansive space of a roof and the color and appeal of appearance. It’s easy to see why architects are such fans of polycarbonate and why, more and more, it shows up in projects all around the world.