Facade glazing systems


Danpal’s façade glazing systems deliver a perfect balance of weather protection and light  for the structures upon which they are installed. When you choose Danpal, you get the complete package in façade systems:  Microcell technology; high impact resistance; complete air-and watertight protection from penetration; easy installation; UV protection; and well diffused light.  A Danpal façade delivers all of the performance components that give your building the weather shield it needs to prevent snow, rain, wind and hail from penetrating the structural defenses.  And it also delivers an architectural beauty and appeal that take it beyond the realm of construction and turn a building into art.

Facade Materials

Characteristics Of The Façade Glazing Systems
The Danpal dry-glazed systems are available in a variety of configurations that are suitable for different types of structures.  Although they are light in weight, they lack nothing in strength when it comes to offering superior weather protection, including high impact resistance.  Because of the systems’ flexibility, transparency and tonal qualities as compared to glass, the façade glazing systems perfectly balance light and thermal dynamics.

Esthetic Appeal Of The Façade Glazing Systems
Light is so much a part of the Danpal identity that the company’s pioneering in daylighting architecture has become one of its most popular selling points. Light adds beauty to a building, as well as the intangible quality that makes people feel better.  In addition, color is a Danpal signature and the façade glazing systems offer facades a chance to excel in creativity. That’s due to the variety of colors, finishes, and special effects that offer an opportunity to create fascinating visual contrasts. In addition to the visual charm of color and finishes, Danpal’s co-extended UV protection gives its façade systems a longer life span.