Commercial wall cladding

Rainscreen Cladding

With a presence on five continents, and more than half a century of experience in the building industry, it’s no surprise that Danpal®   products are held in high regard all over the globe.  The company has remained true to its creed, Global Vision, Local Focus, and in doing so, it has managed to build a reputation for high quality manufacturing and dedication to the environmental principles that protect the planet.  Danpal’s complete system of innovative, customized solutions to architectural designs reinforceS the company’s global reputation. One of Danpal’s many areas of recognized excellence is in the production of commercial wall cladding.


Commercial Wall Cladding by Danpal
South Korea’s Gwangju Universiade Swimming Pool is a perfect example of the way in which Danpal’s commercial wall cladding can provide a structure with the protection that it needs from the elements while enhancing its esthetic possibilities.  The expansive light within the structure demonstrates the way in which daylighting architecture can fully explore the creative potential of an architect. With all of the esthetic features which make the Gwangiu Universiade Swimming Pool so inviting, the commercial wall cladding does not neglect its functional needs. Any commercial product has a responsibility to deliver on the design of the architect and to support the expectations of the client.  

The Danpal Reputation Reinforces Our Commercial Wall Cladding
Danpal building projects can be seen all over the world. Each one reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. Danpal believes in supporting the research and development that puts us on the cutting edge of the building industry. While we’re manufacturing today’s top-quality products, we’re also hard at work developing the technologies that will bring us to the next  stage of advanced building material production At Danpal, we set a high standard for quality.